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It is sad news I have for Harlem customers. This is our last month. will be no more after October [...]

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Speedy Delivery

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HarlemUK - Unique Gifts Online

pin up tea towel by Luckies

pin up tea towel

These gorgeous, vintage style tea towels

£8.95 £3.15

half pint garden by Noted

half pint garden

Grow your own fresh herbs!

£10.50 £5.25

sneakskin by Sneakart


create custom kicks in minutes. It's quick, fun & durable.

£8.25 £4.00

airplane food placemats by Fred

airplane food placemats

Supersonic, fold-and-fly placemats!

£10.65 £8.50

bike horn amplifier by Bone

bike horn amplifier

Magnify your sound whilst on your bicycle!

£19.98 £8.00

designer baby bootees by Babyfinkli

designer baby bootees

Designer bootees for the fashionable baby!

£15.00 £12.00

Additional Information

Unique Gifts

When we set up the online store the drive and vision behind it came from a desire to have somewhere that the discerning shopper could visit to find a range of amazing gifts and to get some ideas regarding special presents whilst not having to spend a small fortune. It was important that the gifts sold on the website would be of an excellent quality, but it was equally important to ensure that customers enjoyed a first class level of customer care combined with a personable service; added to that was the need to have an outstanding website to back the unique gift ideas for men, women and children being sold. We are confident that customers will find the website easy to use, well designed and that once they begin to do business with us, find that professionalism of the highest order is engrained in our service. When searching for a specific gift, there are a few ways for you to conduct the search, such as the search engine function. This enables customers to enter key words related to what they are looking for before being presented with a host of ideas that best match their search criteria.

Decisions made Easier

When looking for a special gift for that someone special, if you do not have an idea in mind then make use of the gift selector option, which contains categories for men, women, kids, father’s day and birthdays. You will then have a host of gifts related to that category presented to you, from which to find something suitable. Alternatively, you can choose by price, an option we felt was very important to include as most customers will have a firm idea of how much they want to spend. Unique birthday gifts are quite important if you are shopping for presents for a baby, as often people will come up with the same idea. In the majority of cases toys are bought, but some thought should go to the baby’s parents when considering a present as in the majority of cases the most appreciated presents are those that are the most useful. We have an excellent gift in this respect, so check out the skip hop pronto mini changer, which comes with all the essentials that are required when changing a baby whilst on the move; and we are confident that most mothers will appreciate this gift.

Gifts for All Occasions

When the time comes around for your loved one’s birthday or if you have an engagement present to think of, check out the unique gifts for her section of the website as we are sure that you will come across something that matches your budget and personality. Some women love to receive presents that they can put to good use, whilst others will demand only items of luxury. In terms of the former we have award winning chopping boards, minimal freestanding magazine racks and beautifully designed tea towels. A wonderful gift that can be enjoyed together is coloured sky lanterns, and whether for a birthday, New Year’s Eve or other similar occasion, they will make for an amazing visual display. These are also excellent at weddings, and if you are struggling to come up with a decent wedding present then consider getting hold of these. Unique wedding gift ideas are important if you do not have to choose something from a wedding present list, so take your time perusing the website as there is bound to be something suitable amongst the various items displayed. Ideally you should look for something that can be enjoyed by both the groom and bride.

Unique Ideas in Abundance

If you are looking for an unusual or novelty gift for either birthdays or as stocking filler for Christmas then there are some quality products on our website made by Luckies. Key holders are always well received and the Little Pete key holder is a quality example. You can stick him onto the fridge and he’ll be able to hold around 20 keys. Some people are always losing their keys and this is the ideal Christmas gift for a loved one who has the occasional memory lapse. MP3 players are common in most households, but a cool accessory such as the hoodie MP3 cover is not. This is a quality unique Christmas gift ideas for men, women and children, as not only will it protect your technological item, such as i-pod or mobile phone, it will also make it look extra special. As unusual and cool gifts go, this is up there with some of the best of them, and make for great stocking filler. If you are buying a gift for someone that likes wine, then check out the magic chain wine bottle holder, which does a superb job of holding wine whilst looking great.

Enjoy Shopping for Cool Gifts

As well as having gifts that are aimed at different groups of people and for certain occasions, there are plenty of gifts that can be bought that will be ideal for a range of people. The 16 ounce can crusher is the perfect example and as well as being fun to use it is also good for the environment. Simply put any aluminium can in the heavy duty steel vice and crush away with the soft grip handle. It can be easily affixed to your kitchen wall and is the perfect present for people who think they have all they need in the kitchen. As unique unusual gifts for him go this could also be the ultimate accessory for guys that like to host BBQ’s. Another cool gift idea is a head lamp, which enables users to walk around at night with their hands completely free whilst everything in front of them is flooded with light. The example we have to offer is comfortable to wear and makes for the ultimate in compact lighting. There are plenty of other gadgets and boy’s toys for sale on the website and you should have lots of fun finding the ideal gift.

Gifts with a Conscience

Anyone looking for a special gift for a kid should check out the unicycles we have on offer by Quax. Their Only One range is made of excellent examples of unicycles that include high tech parts. It has a black tyre with alloy rim and chrome hub for excellent strength and a nicely coloured frame. As well as being well great for kids it is also excellent for beginners. For those with an environmental conscience, we have some great gift ideas including an eco powered clock and an eco button. Although the latter may not be ideal for a baby, it makes for unique birthday gifts for almost any other aged customer. The way it works is to simply put your computer into an energy saving mode every time you are away from it. Most people are deterred from turning off their computer each time they leave it, as it can take time to restart. However, this clever device ensures your computer and monitor only draw the same amount of power as when they are shut down. At the touch of any key on your keyboard the computer then returns to where you left it in an instant.

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